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Monday, 18 November 2013


Dear all,

I hate the title, I hate math. It makes me feel like I can't do something even though I try. But then again, whenever I really work on it, it usually works out. So it will, Thursday it will!

Today was a math day, this week will be a math week. So I don't have much to tell you, it's not really interesting to talk about math.

I went for a run today! I hadn't gone for over a week because I have a really bad cold but today I decided I really needed to go. Just to clear my head and to run, just run. It felt good even though it was hard to run at first. I always feel like NOOOOO I don't want to when I start, but after a few minutes it feels awesome. I enjoy sports more than I usually let on.

I guess this is all I have to tell you, it was just a boring day today. A typical monday...



  1. Ugh... math. Always hated it, glad you're staying positive about it! I would always give up half way into my math homework and just make things worse.

    1. YAY! Math-hate-mate! :D I used to do that too... but now I just try to do it, I really want to graduate ;)