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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Step TWO in the application!

Hi there,

Some awesome news! I have been accepted to come for an interview at the University I applied to study at. I am SUPER excited!!

The interview will take place in the upcoming holiday which is great because that is not that far away anymore! I am very pleased! Everyone has been telling me that they thought I'd get an invitation, but I was never sure of it. I mean, who knows how many students apply, what makes me special. All I know is that I really want to study there and I think I would be perfect over there, but you never know. It doesn't mean I got accepted by the way, I just have been invited for an interview. That's a big difference!

What else?
Made my math test yesterday. It was a resit from the test I failed during the test week. Hopefully I did better this time but I am not too sure of it. We'll see I guess... I am hoping my teacher will have the results friday but I think she had to correct quite a few tests so it might end up being monday. Which is fine as well. I just really want to know how I did, but I can wait a few days :-)

The weather over here has been terrible. I don't mind the autumn, in fact it is my favorite season, but we are skipping winter over here. No snow(that's okay) but no real cold... Just wind and rain! Not COOL! Climate change it not a good thing.

Oh, and, to be very nationalistic, the Dutch are doing amazing at the Olympic Games! We sure know how to long track Ice skate (someting I can NOT do...). I never learned how to skate for some reason. Mom said I didn't enjoy it, but it might be fun... I don't know, if there is ever someone who wants to teach me how to do it, I'm in!


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