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Sunday, 9 February 2014

Update Time!

Hi there,

I realize I have not posted anything in over two weeks. I just really didn't feel like sharing anything that was going on. Not that it was bad or sad, I just didn't think it was interesting.

During the time I did not post, I did however check my page everyday and realized that somehow people actually came to my blog without me posting. So to everyone who actually cared enough to spend a second on my blog; Thank You.

Now, what happened?

Remember the big important piece I was working on with my classmate? Remember how we had to work insanely hard and weren't sure whether we were failing or not? Well, turns out we were doing just fine. Thursday evening, we had an event at school where all the projects were presented. Three of the (about) 46 projects were nominated to present in the auditorium. For some reason, my partner and I were selected and got to tell everyone what we did. Out of those three nominees, there would be one winner. The winner would win a tablet. My partner and I worked really hard on it and eventually won the contest. We were very pleased with that result, obviously. But it got even better. Against all expectations, we became not only the winning group, we also had a 9,5 out of 10 for our project. We were one of those couples everyone thought of as bizarre, everyone asked us, even our friends, why on earth we worked together. Maybe we even asked ourselves that, but I guess it worked out. I am still very excited about that achievement. Sorry if all of this sounds arrogant, I am just very pleased and did not expect any of it.

Also, last week I decided to finally send out my application for university. I don't know anything yet, except that they have received everything. I have to give them credit for the quick response, they are fast! Now I just have to wait I guess..

That is everything I can think of which could possible be relevant to tell anyone. I have been running with dad a lot. Great fun!


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