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Monday, 20 January 2014

How to make a header for your blog (19-1-2014)

Hi there!

Today I did nothing for school and I just worked on my blog, went for a run and watched television!

I woke up because I heard my sister leave and after that I just couldn't go back to sleep... I did stay in bed until 11am before I finally decided to go and have breakfast.

After that, I did, well, basically nothing. Although, my dad and I did go for a run together. Finally I started training again for my 5km run. Read more about my 5 km run challenge!  I decided to start at the beginning again because my dad hasn't run in ages and we wanted to run together. He still ran another schedule, but we did run together. I went back every time I was too far away so we stayed together a lot. We do not have the same speed though! Just like when I ran with my aunt and uncle, I run faster which means I have to keep an eye on what happens behind me :D. I do have to say, running with two people is a lot more fun than running on your own. It basically challenges you to run better. You do really need to find someone who runs at your level and speed, otherwise it can get annoying. Anyway, I did enjoy running with dad and we promised we would go three times a week together. Tuesday is the next day!

After being active, I decided to work on my blog for just a few hours. I figured some stuff out and I eventually figured out how to make a header for your blog. It's really easy once you know what you are doing. There are many other bloggers who tell you what to do, basically google how to make a header for your blog and a list will pop up! Mine's a simple one, but I decided I wanted to change my blog and make it a very simple design.

I ended the evening with some lovely Tv-Time! Meaning I sat on a chair and did absolutely nothing apart from watching CSI. I love CSI, I just never really have time to watch it unfortunately.

Tomorrow I have to take an listening and watching exam in German... I hate those... Oh well, It'll be fine!


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