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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Hair!

Hi there!

Happy new year! And in my case, Happy new Hair!

It's not 12:24pm and I am still waking up. I have had breakfast, a lovely bread with raisins my sister made. You may have noticed that quite often my sister bakes or cooks things that are absolutely gorgeous and delicious. My sister is in fact an amazing amateur baker and cook. She definitely inherited my parents talent of cooking. Something I sort of missed out on. Just kidding, I can cook, but I just never feel like it. A few days ago I made my own quiche lorraine which was tasty but some things went wrong in the process of making it... When we make quiche or a pie, my parents tend to use a "fake" filling. So you bake the though or whatever you are using as a base with little ceramic stones in it so that the though doesn't get soggy. My mum told me to use that filling as well so I did. But, she forgot to mention to put piece of baking paper in between so I just put them in there and put it in the oven. Mum came to have a look, saw what I did and started to laugh. She asked, did you put paper in between? I said, no, of course not. Obviously, I didn't think that through... Mum fixed it for me, luckily.

As I said, it's still early, but I wanted to blog the whole day, starting when I started and ending when I end. So, I just called the hairdresser, and she happened to have a spot left for me this afternoon, so, the big dilemma of the day now is... WHAT TO DO WITH THE HAIR?? I never know what I want. I know it needs to be shorter, because now it's 10 centimeters or something above my but and I would rather have it shorter... Oh well, I'll see what I eventually come up with. Probably just the usual. Boring me.

In the Netherlands, you can have your own fireworks, the government doesn't organize firework shows so a lot of people spend a big amount of money on fireworks. From 10am op the 31st of december you can start lighting it. The adults don't start until midnight (usually) but the youngsters walk around with big bags of small fireworks. The bags contain mainly "rotjes" which is a small type which only makes a bang. They also have ones that only squeak really loud. These ones have no colours like the ones we usually see in the firework shows on tv in for example England. I have been in London during new years eve, and I loved it. It's so quiet plus the fireworks at night are absolutely amazing! In the Netherlands, you can hear the noises the fireworks make all day... I am not sure what the fun is of the loud noises, I usually get slightly annoyed with it. Especially since it starts around Christmas even though it's not aloud to use it then, but people still do...

Another Dutch tradition around New Year is eating "Oliebollen" which translates to oilballs. That sounds disgusting but it's actually quite nice. You just shouldn't eat to many of them. Basically what happens is you make the dough from flower, egg, milk, yeast, sugar and a tiny bit of salt. You can also add pieces of apple, or raisins. You then make balls and fry them. Now you have "oilballs". We eat them with a bit of icing sugar on top. If you make them at home, you will want to do it outside or in a barn or something, because the smell is very strong and hard to loose. There are tons of recipes on how to make this Dutch treat, I think people also think of a lot of other things to add to the mixture, but we usually buy them with raisins!

It's now 18:41pm and I have been to the hairdresser! She cut my hair a lot shorter plus added layers. It feels so light right now, it's great! I love the way my hair feels when I come back from the hairdresser, it's so soft and perfect. Happy me!

My aunt, who has been helping me with my motivation letter, has sent her comments to me. She studied English and is able to help me a lot. I got stuck so she offered to have a look eventhough I wasn't finished yet which is great. She gave me some very useful comments, helping me to write the perfect letter. Now I have my parents', sisters and her opinion so I can now continue the process! Everyone has been so helpful, it's great.

I put the "The Challenge" tag in the menu, so now you can click to see how I am doing! :D

It's now 22:52pm and we are watching television. My dad and sister made ravioli with a lovely sauce. It's quite impresive how they manage to make their own tasty ravioli. For dessert there was Icecream, made by my sister. That was just delicious, we licked our plates... Kind of bad, but still totally worth it! :D

Once we cleaned the kitchen, it was television time! Every year at New Years Eve' there is a program which shows the funniest tv mistakes and clips from the past year. They do that every year and it's absolutely hilarious. Great way to spend the evening!

The thing is, you have to kill the time between the fun programs and 12 o'clock. We ended up watching Guus Meeuwis, who is a Dutch singer. Quite famous, but really not my thing. I mean, his music is fun, great when you want to sing for hours, but just not quite it...

0:59am; HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! I hope everyone has an amazing year with lots of fun things! Mine will be great, everything will just get better! 2013 hasn't been easy, I lost one of the most amazing people in my life but I also gained a lot of new friends and knowledge. 2013 was good, now let's see what 2014 brings. Hopefully, my blog will keep growing, I will graduate and get accepted into University College Roosevelt!


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