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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Bumpy roads....

Dear all,

Another hot day in England.... YEs indeed, in England, isn't it bizarre? In my opinion it is... So travel day No. 2!  Such a bad day to move... It was again 30 degrees, but the car was nice and cool. The packing was not that cool as we were in the sunshine all the time. And as all of you know by now, the shade is the only place where it is okay to do something. And even in the shade you'd rather do nothing.

So the next campsite! Yay! Lovely people once again, one tiny issue, there is not to much shade.... Uhoh.... Oh and there is no Wi-Fi on my phone for now (still need to get that sorted), so I am using the computer. If I fail to post the upcoming days, it'll be because of the lack of Wi-Fi. So, don't be mad, I'll be back! Probably on Sunday as I will (finally) be in London! So excited!

Again today is not a very interesting day to write about. I can tell you all I am drinking my favourite English drink straight out of a IKEA plastic cup. But I don't think you'll like to read about that, will you?

So I will tell you about the road to this campsite. You have to understand, caravans are not exactly making your car go smooth on bumpy roads... So this road I was talking about, it is narrow and there are more hols in it than you can imagine... It is terrible, but the campsite is nice so it's worth it. Yes, we've been here before. It sounds boring, going back to campsites you have been before. Funny thing is, I am only going to stay at places I have been before. But that's just fine as long as you make sure there is enough to do around the place.

I was just looking at leaflet about London, and came across the Sigmund Freud house! I love Philosophy, I have been taking classes at school for two years now and love it. Freud is one of the many philosophers I have come across and I'd like to see where he has lived.

That's it for today!



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