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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Icecream lovers

Dear all,

Sundays tend to be lazy, at least mine usually are. I love to stay  in bed until late and wear my PJ's all day. But when you are staying with someone or someone is staying with you, you try to change that habit and go out. My day started lazy, but ended up to be, well, not so lazy I'd say.

After I woke up at 8am this morning, Mini, the cat, came in my room and she spent the morning there. Before I left the bed we did some cuddeling. I wish I had a cat, they are so much fun! When I am all grown-up and lady-like, I might want to have a cat...

I left my bed at about 10am, went downstairs and found out I was not the only one being slighlty lazy. At least that is what I thought.,,, after about 15 minutes reading in the kitchen, my aunt walked in. She said to me, I was in the garden! There I was, in my pj's, lazy, she had been gardening... My uncle was still in bed, but he didn't feel very well, so I was the lazy one. Not that they mind, but still...

We were going to go to Brighton but everyone was feeling lazy or not very well so we just stayed in Greenwich. It might be silly, I have been in London for a week now and I still haven't gone into central London. I don't feel the urge to as I have so much time, nevertheless, I do want to go. I might ask one of my new-found friends to come with me. :D

Well, we wanted to go to the Rangers house, but you could only go in with a guided tour and they were only there at 11am and 2pm. We decided that was not our thing so we went for a walk to Blackheath. Lovely place! We had lunch there and walked around for a bit. Lovely place! We ended our tour at the Farm market, it was closing down but we found some bread, quiche, tomatoes and peppers. We decided we would have them for dinner with some pork pie, salad and cheese. A perfect dinner to me! Yesterday we had fritata with pasta. That is really delicious. Mum, you should try it, make a fritata with pasta in it! :D

After we had dinner, my aunt and uncle had to work for a bit. I decided to take out my computer and spend a bit of time with the cat on my bed and my computer. That was nice. Later on, my aunt and I talked for a while, looked at some family photo's and then we had Icecream, again... We counted, we've had icecream 4 times, and I have only been here for 8 days... This is bad...

Well, now I am going to answer some email and after that, I'll finally be able to fall asleep. Londen is amazing, but it does make me very tired..