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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Black 'n white

Dear all,



Have you ever seen a movie in Black and white? I never had! I do now. Wauw, it was sooo good! I saw Francis Ha about half an hour ago (21:21 now) and it was amazing.The movie was happy and smiley. It wasn't about the story, it was about the feeling of it all. Man, I am in love with it. I won't tell you more but man! It was sooo goood!

It is now 22:42 and I am exhausted; again. I've had a great day, it was so much fun!
Actually, after I wrote the first part of this blog, we talked about the film. Have you ever done that? It shows how good it is!

Woke up, had a shower, had breakfast and decided with my aunt what we were going to do! We were going to the rangers house which is now some kind of art gallery. After that we would go to the Queens house. And so we did!

Both of these things are in Greenwich, so we walked. Took a route which took us through the parc! Yaaaay! Arriving at the rangers house, we found out it was closed.. Wooops! So instead going in there we went back into the parc and walked around the complete parc. We came across squirells and pigeons, dogs, people and so on. The parc was alive, I love that place!

The walk ended in front of the Queens house which is gorgeous. It contains beautifull paintings!
After the Queens house we went for an icecream! But first we went for a walk, trough the market. We bought bread! Wooeeehooeee. It is soo tasty! We checked out the books and bought a few. I only bought my dad a present though.

We then had Icecream, my treat! Salted caramel with sicilian lemon. Weird combo but they taste soo good!!!
That's pretty much it for today! Tomorrow we are going to Brighton if the weather is okay.