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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Parcs and pubs

Dear all,

New people, new class. Feeling very weird. It's still 9:30am here... I am blogging a piece now, but I'll post it tonight. I am sitting here with three girls, they seem nice but they don't really talk to me. Waiting for the teacher... Please come, I want to start as soon as possible! I want to know if this is the right class!
Ah, there are more people walking in now! Oh, I know this guy, he is in my skills training. He's shy, but kind!

Part 2 ;-)

It's 22:30 now, and I am in my warm and cosy bed. I have had the most amazing day! The guy from this morning, Patrick, is not shy, he is just not that out-going. Once you've had a conversation with him, he is awesome. We were partners in a speaking exercise and it was so much fun. We ended up speaking about school and travelling and Zwitserland(he is from there) and The Netherlands. It was good fun. Felt like a class I'd be happy in.

After school, I did my homework... Yay! Then, my aunt and I went for a walk along the river and into Greenwich Parc. The parc is the most amazing place in Greenwich. It is gigantic and so special. It feel film-like. I adore it. I wish I could have it :p.

We went up the hill and met my Uncle afterwords. Went to a pub, had a drink and went home again. Then we had an awesome dinner with bread like stuff made from the pizza dough from last night. I love living this life. It is so so much fun and easy. I wish my life back home would be more like that... Just go with the flow, doesn't happen if you're a student in High school...

Tomorrow, Shakespears Globe, trying to find tickets!