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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Wigly wonkey pigs

Dear all,

This morning I woke up at, like, 8.15? Not sure, my Ipod and phone both were empty. It was cloudy and a little cold. I couldn't sleep so I decided to read. I am reading this book (Beware, it's Dutch) called "Godenslaap" by Erwin Mortier. It is amazing, the way it's written, it just gets you. Well, it gets me. It describes everything in a way so bizarre. Mortier actually used like one page to tell us there were stables. I found it brilliant. Anyway somewhere at 3/4 of the book, I read this sentence which really hit me. I have had it before in this book with a piece describing life. This sentence I was talking about, it was about wars. The book is about life around the first and second world war. It is told by an old lady, who lived through both of the wars. So back to the sentence, sorry I am so chaotic... The sentence is: (forgive me if I translate it in a bad way) Every peace is an interbellum. That really hit me. And I think it's true, sadly. So yeah, that was my lovely morning!

Last night we decided we'd go to wimpole hole estate. It is a house owned by the national trust. I don't know if you have heard of it, but it is really nice. They buy old houses with a history, and they keep them open for public. The mill I went to saturday was also owned by the national trust. If you go to England, you should check it out! I'll post the link to their website at the end of this blog.

We'd actually been at wimpole two years ago, but the wether that day was horrible. So we only saw the house and the tearoom, shops and second-hand bookshop. So today we did a walk around the gardens, they are massive and gorgeous. I am not a garden person but even I thought is was nice. Nothing like the gardens of Vilandry in France, but still nice. We also went to the home farm. That was soo nice! I really enjoyed walking there with all the animals. There were horses and donkeys, pigs, cows, sheep and so on! It was nice. Today's pictures are from the farm. So check them out! I'll try to figure out how to put up a video of the piglets drinking. That was soo cute! The way pigs walk, it is so funny. Like wigly wonkey! I found it lovely to see! Pigs are cute, at least, that's what I find... They do always look lazy, laying down, being fat... You know what I mean?

The thing about national trust is, they always have a tearoom or restaurant. And also a shop. And quite often a bookshop. The tearooms always serve massive pieces of pie or scones. It is always a pleasure to go in there and have a bite. They never let you down. So today, we went for a piece of pie! I had a piece of chocolate and walnutcake! It was delicious.

Last but not least, a very happy 14th of july to all the French people out there! I hope you have had or are having a good day! I always loved the parties the french would have. I have spent many summers in France and I can tell you, they know how to make a day great! I always found the french kind people but they can be, as the English, quite reserved. But on the 14th of july, you would just be a part of the big group. It was amazing!!

Something else, this morning I was checking my twitterpage and I saw people reacting to the news. Little did I know, Cory Monteith had past away. I read the news on the internet and I was so shocked. I used to watch glee, so I "knew" him. I have, obviously, never met him, but he seemed like a nice guy. I feel so sad for Lea Michele, she loved him. I was seriously shocked and sad, and i am only a little girl who doesn't even know the guy! So I can't imagine how Lea Michele and all his friends and family must feel.

This news brings me to ask, how is it possible that all those stars just die? At such a young age? It is just upsetting! It makes me wonder wether the industry is too tough... I wonder what you guys think? Would there be any kind of solution to fix this massive problem? I mean, this is not just a tiny inconvenience, this is peoples real lives we are talking about! Feel free to leave a comment.



The National Trust website: click here

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