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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Big blueberry muffin

Dear all,

I have no idea when I can post this blog as the internet has decided it will not work... So if this post is posted on a sunday, forgive me for not posting it on the right day.

Today we wanted to go to Windsor Castle (I remember the name now). As dad wanted to be there early to see the changing of the gards, we left what we sminkies can call early. We are talking about 10am. Yes I know, my family loves to sleep long. Holidays should be lazy and fun and your own, right?

So Windsor is like this massive castle. I have seen many castles in my short life and this one can certainly qualify. Well, I can't really say anything about the inside, but the outside looked just fine! I can hear you think, why can't you say anything about the inside? You've been in there right? The answer is no... We went there, saw the changing of the gards and well after that there was this massive queu which we did not feel like entering.

So we went shopping around the town in stead. We said, we'll go later on when it's less busy. Little did we know it never got less busy. When we checked, it still was a wait much to long for us, so we didn't go in. But I enjoyed today. It wasn't perfect, there were some things less nice. For example, there was this sign saying: saturday market. I like markets, so dad and I went there. But when we followed the sign, we never found that market, we found a bunch of bricks. They made up a parking space and houses. :( Not cool Windsor! But something good came of it. Dad and I had no clue where the others were, so we looked around trying to find them. We found some lovely restaurants and picked one where we wanted to go for a drink.

Oh and we went in to this really funny sweety shop. Dad bought my mum fudge nougat! Mum liked it! :D (we found them after a while!)

We actually found them just by walking around. We eventually decided to go to the cinnamon cafe! Yay! Isn't that a fun name? I think it is... They did sell a cinnamon bun, but most of it was normal. For some reason I expected them to sell only cinnamon things. They did not do that, but they did have muffins. Blueberry muffins to be exact. And they were massive! Todays picture is of that muffin I had(sorry I had a tiny bite, forgive me, it looked amazing!)

Tonight is my last night with them, I'll miss them. Yes, the nerves are there( not constantly though), tomorrow is going to be the day! I'll try to post, but I don't know how it is all going to work out so maybe no post about sunday...

I am not at the end of this blog, and the internet is still gone(it has been since the afternoon). So I am.afraid by the time you'll read this, it will be sunday. Sorry!!



Yes, the internet didn't work untill now...

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