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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Knickers all twisted

Dear all,

If you'd all be English, the title of todays post would make sence to you. But as most of my readers are Dutch, I will explain it to you.

So after my day at school, I got home and ran in to my aunt (duh, she lives there...). She was working with her lovely assistant and my aunt said: "We've got our knickers all twisted."... My face must have been silly because they laughed at me. I asked them, they are what? Finally they told me, it meant you are confused, but not just confused, there is a touch of panic to it. Isn't that the best thing to learn? A real English expression? I thought it was fun.

I realise now, I tend to use the word "so" a lot. Like way to much.... Sorry!
My schoolday was fun, I started in my new class this morning. I was once again told, my English is really good. But the thing is, yes I like it when people tell me that, but I didn't go to school for that, did I? I want get better, close to perfection. The teacher realised after most of the afternoon that the class was to easy. Although my classmates were kind to me, their level was way below mine. (I don't mean to say I am so so good, but I was told my level was too high by the teacher). She decided it would be best if I change classes. So that's what's happening tomorrow...

We had pizza tonight, lots of fun making it! Ooh and! My aunt and uncle and I are now speaking English most of the time. I now am part of the mixture they always speak. All three of us agree though, it feels strange to speak English to them. Andy said: "it's like a shoe, it fits, but you need to get used to it." and he is correct.

I am exhausted, already :S
Oh and! I might be going to the shakespeare globe, if there are tickets to be found! Soooo coool!!! And we'll go to some music thing, haven't decided what yet.