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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rain, what else?

Dear all,

Sometimes when you wake up you feel ready. You want to get out of bed and explore the world. Do a lot in one day and just keep on going. That feeling, it's amazing. But nothing like I felt this morning.

I realised when I woke up, though I really had a great time last night, I didn't have enough sleep. I probably had about 7,5 hours of sleep but going to school is exhausting. You hear English all day and it's the only way you can communicate with everyone. I always thought that I would love it and I was right. But I never realised how exhausting this is. Fun, awesome and crazy but also tiring.

Anyway, today involved a lot of people to chat with, stories, questions to answer and also, crazy people around me. Patrick and I went to the park once again. We sat on a bench this time, the ground was wet... It's not as great as sitting on the grass.

After school I went into the centre of Greenwich and strolled around. I sat by the river for ages walked beside it and after about one hour or something like that, I returned back home!

My eyes are slowly closing now...

Tomorrow I will go to blackheath for dinner with my uncles parents. I was "forced" to make the phonecall to ask them whether that was okay... Try calling in English(or a foreign language if you are English), trust me, it's hard. You can't use your hands... Try calling in English "old" man who can't hear you very well. That is even harder. But I think I did okay. I hope I did...