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Saturday, 13 July 2013

The first day

Dear all,

Today is the first full day in England. It is a very hot day, which is a surprise as English wether is, like the Dutch, basically always bad. I don't mind that though. I like winter and cold wether, it's very cosy.

The mill I was going to see today was okay. I sort of liked it but it wasn't that interesting. It had some kind of bakerything on the top floor where kids could make a figure out of breaddough. And silly me, I did it too... Yes, a 17-year old girl sitting next to two french boys, they must have been like 5 and 6/7? It felt silly, the worse part was, I think they did a better job than I did! It was fun though. The fun part about the mill was the way it looked. The picture from today is showing the mill. And as a Dutchie, for me, when you say "mill", I think about a windmill, the old fasion ones though. So this being a watermill was quite a surprise for me. Different from what I am used to! But that's fine! I like it!

There was also the bookshop, with second-hand books. And yes, I bought books, again. I bought one thriller-detective something and a very old book with poems. I am not really into poetry but I quite liked the ones I read in there. The best thing is, it is not by just one writer but by a lot of writers. That way you get a wide range of poetry by different people, with all different stories. It is my first book with poetry, which is awesome! I really need to figure out where to put all my books... I don't want to spend money on a new bookshelf or shelves. But that's for later on to worry. Have you ever been in an English supermarket? I have many times now, and seriously, everytime I go there, I sort of freeze! I don't understand why, but I am always cold there. I have never had that problem with Dutch or French supermarkets though... We haven't decided yet what to do tomorrow, but we'll see. Tonight we will have a lovely dinner with some real English food... Love it! Yesterday night we actually had Chinese take away. We NEVER have take away, okay, almost never. Like once maybe twice a year. So this was awesome, being on holiday, having take away. I thought it was hilarious! Oh, we are starting to decide now what we want to do... But this blogpost is going up now, so it'll be a surprise for you! Love, Simone

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