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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Is it worth it?

Dear all,

Don't worry, the title is not about blogging, I am sure my blogs aren't worth a penny but they are worth something to me. I love to write and even though I know I am not very good at it, I want to keep writing so I can improve. That makes it worth it! No, the title of this blog is about something else, something I talked about yesterday but it just got stuck in my mind the last couple of weeks.

So, I told you about being highly-gifted(I still don't believe I am), which causes me to be allowed to skip classes during English. Our classes in English are very boring and most of my classmates would love to leave. So when I get to leave, they sort of look at me like, well, why you? I never really cared about that until this year. For some reason, I am becoming closer with people I have always liked a lot but I always stuck to my best friends, but after London I learned I could hang around with more than one person. I know these people hate the fact that I get to leave, although they are never ever nasty about it to me, I sometimes get insecure. Is it worth to skip those 3 hours a week if my classmates get across with me? I'd rather be friends I think...

Today during history I realized once again that I loved the subject. I only like it when I find the stuff we are talking about interesting, but that was definitely the case today. Maybe it is the teacher, she just tells stuff in a way so magnificent. I truly see in my mind what it happening... Last year I hated history, I didn't like my position in the class, nor the teacher, but now it is back to being one of my favorite subjects! YAY!

I just stayed up later to study German... I hate it, but I NEED a good mark for this test.. so I am working on it! :D

Today's song!
I picked a cover from the song mirrors. The cover is done by Boyce Avenue and Fifth Harmony and I just adore it. It makes me want to move!!!



  1. Someone who dislikes you for that shouldn't be called a friend anyway.

    1. That is true, but I don't think they all dislike me for it... I think it was just a feeling, but now I realize that not everyone dislikes me for it...