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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Open days...

Dear all,

It's sunday morning, and this post is all about Saturday. Last night I was babysitting again, so no post that day... But, it was a fun day, and I didn't want to mix it up with today's(sunday) post, so today there should be two posts! O_O

Right, so we had open day at my work and I was one of the students that work there who were helping out. We have about 80 full time workers (most of them polish) and about 40 students (Dutch, between ages 14-23). So a couple of us students(about 15), were asked to come and help out. My job was to sell peppers, herbs and Chinese Cabbage and different sorts of lettuces. Usually there is no shop, but on open days we always do have one. My boss was saying to my friend and I that maybe they were going to open a shop on like saturday, but I don't know if that'll ever happen... I guess we'll see. It would be awesome though. Anyway, there were lots and lots of people, so it was a nice day. There was some awesome food as well... I didn't even have dinner in the evening, because people kept feeding me all the time... Okay, I didn't mind...

That open day was a very long day, and after it, I had to babysit until 23:30 which was okay, I just was exhausted. Today, I get to study and make pesto, because my parents bought about 9 bags of basil yesterday, and one of us needs to make pesto. They are visiting my grandparents to celebrate my granddads birthday, so it'll be me making the pesto. I might make a blog post about it, so stay tuned!


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