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Monday, 2 September 2013

I just wanna see you!

Dear all,

Today's title is all about a song that I am currently obsessed with. I found out about it by watching a video from Taylor Swift live in concert, she is singing the song with Sara Bareilles and I absolutely loveeee it! It has been on repeat way to much the last couple of days... I will post it in this blog, so you can listen to it if you wish...

I just figured out how to register this blog to bloglovin' and I now am registered, so you can find me on there as well as just on the internet. This is the link to the website I am talking about, it is used to follow blogs!

Anyway, today I had one of those awkward moments in class which you do NOT want to have... I am in this project at school which allows students who are highly-gifted to do more and make sure they are not bored all the time. I don't believe I am highly-gifted or anything, all I know is that I want more than most students do and I get bored easily which makes me do less than I can do for school and maybe under-perform. The thing about this project is that you have your own teacher who helps you figure stuff out and make school more fun, so they talk to your teachers and explain them what you need. Of course I am capable of doing that myself but that doesn't have the same effect. Although I really do not believe I am highly-gifted I do really appreciate the support I get. I usually am bored in class but they are working on changing that. I challenge myself because I have a lot of subjects so that causes a lot of work but I don't mind that at all..
Now, today during French my teacher asked us if we thought her classes were to slow and boring. She told us one of our tutors had told her that was the case but she didn't know who the student was so she wanted to ask what she could improve. I was the student who had made this happen but I didn't want to say so in front of the class. I may want more work but my classmates definitely don't so I don't want to bother them with my crap. So at the end of the class she told the class who the teacher was, and she is not one of the three tutors in our year so my classmates were confused. I realized I had to confess so I did... I am not sure if anything will change but maybe that'll happen soon enough. She is a kind teacher but just really not that good...

That was most of the stuff that happened today. I had history class and during that hour I realized how much I loved that subject. For some reason I started to wonder if I should study it or do more with it after I graduate... Now I think, no way I DO NOT want to become a teacher but... Well, I will see where I end up ...

This is the song guys! The title of the song is Brave and it is by Sara Bareilles like I said! I love the video and her voice... Watch it! :D



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