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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Ripping pages

Dear all,

I have an obsession with books, so I buy a lot of them, which means, at some point my bookcase will be stuffed. Well, that point has just arrived. I just told my uncle that that has happened, and he had a couple of solutions for me...

The first solution he had was, throw a couple of books out, to which my answer couldn't be anything than a definite NO! I mean, throwing books away, that is just not possible, not in my world! I just love my books to much to throw them out. I own quite some books, to be exact, 120! And some kids books I didn't find worth keeping in my room so they are in my parents "library" in the basement. I think my parents own up to 1000 books, maybe even more, I would not want to count those. I just counted mine, and I almost lost count about 10 times... Imagine what would happen if I counted theirs.

Back to the solutions, I told my uncle no on the first one, so he came up with a second one! This time around, I just laughed at the solution really hard even though it might be true! His second solution was: "Every book has a couple of blank pages, if you rip them out, you'll have space for three more books!". I found that the best solution anyone has ever given me for my book issue! Still not going to do it though! I always want my books to look good and not be too messy. I mean, they can look used, but not like they are dying... Although, old books are the best books ever! They smell soooo good!!! My favorite book to look at is "the oxford book of English verse". It has this blue cover, wait, I just googled and found a picture!

To me, that is a perfect book! My version is old and damaged, but it has the features that I love so much!

Anyway, the solution to my book issue? I'll just take the books about history, horses, minerals and stuff like that out of my bookcase and move them somewhere else in my room, that'll give me another shelf which I can use on both sides like I have done with every shelf.

Today I also spent time on my French presentation about a news thing which is very recent. Mine is about what happened in Nigeria today, I though that was such a tragic thing, I just felt I could give a good presentation about it because I feel for those students and their families. So I spent a good part of my day working on that.

I just had dinner, and my sister cooked lovely drumsticks with a salad made of cucumber, tomatoes, onions and come cashew nuts. It came with rice which was a lovely combination. She had also made some ice which was nice, but it was sort of spicy and I am not really into spicy-sweet combinations, but hey, trying something new is always fun right?

I am now going to clean my room, which is what I was planning to do when I realized I had no more space to put the books I just bought. After that I'd like to study some English, well, I wouldn't exactly like to, but I need to because on Tuesday I have another Idiom exam, this time in English. Let's hope I do good and can keep the 10's coming!
I also really want to spend some time reading today, even though I don't have a lot of time... I do really have to as next week I have my oral exam Dutch literature. I am sort of looking forward to it... Is that weird?

Today's song is by Douwe Bob Posthuma, another Dutch singer who I think is quite good! So enjoy thing song he wrote for his father! It's called multi-colored angel.



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