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Monday, 9 September 2013

Rainy days, cosy days

Dear all,

Today it has been raining all afternoon. It started when I got home from school at about 4 am, and it has stayed that way until now. 
The picture you see in this post, is a picture of when I go to school. It is my schedule, in Dutch! Why is it on a door you ask? Well, my mom always asks me when I come home, you are early? Or, I thought you would be home sooner... Today, that problem has been taken care of! So, to my dear mom, now you can always see when I finish school! I wrote it on the kitchen door, which was made to put shopping lists on, but we never use is for that...

My schedule, for my mum

Today I had this kind of practice test, in English. We were supposed to make a test like our final exam, so we did. I hope it went okay... Not sure though.. I guess I have to do good, because people expect me to, but I am not so sure I actually did good... 

I worked hard on some school stuff today and tomorrow will be just like today. It's sad how quickly the usual routine comes back... I miss England, I miss my aunt and uncle and I miss my sweet friends. I miss London!


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