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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Wholy shit! It's raining!

Dear all,

I know I live in the Netherlands, and we are known for our rain and bad weather but after the summer we have had it's kind of hard getting used to again...

So it has been raining all day, like crazy rain! There was even a thunderstorm during maths, so my teacher had a hard time making us stick to our homework... Yeah I know, crazy, we are what, 17, 18 some 19? And we get so distracted by the sight of heavy rain and the sound of thunder...  It's just silly. Don't you think it's funny that no matter how old you get and no matter how used you get to the weather because of the place you live, it can still distract you? I find it hilarious!
The thing about all this rain is that it outside it looks so dark so early in the evening. Of course, we are getting closer to the winter and autumn so it makes sense that it happens, but with this crazy rain, the effect has been much more noticeable. So in the Netherlands there are streetlamps basically everywhere, and they switch on once it gets dark. But they are set at a certain time, and today they switched on at about 20.19, but it was already quite dark outside. So OOPS guys at the thing-who-arranges-the-streetlamps!

Oh and I love my mom! I didn't try to make a fool out of her with yesterdays blog! It's sweet that she asks me where I am at!! Today she actually said: "wholy shit" about something outside our house, can't remember what it was but that's okay. The point was, MY MOM, who NEVER swears, said: "WHOLY SHIT!" Way to go mom! I know, swearing is not cool, but it was one of those moments where you think, yeah I agree! And than literately two seconds later you think: "wait, what?! What did you just say?"

What else did I do today? I fell over way to much as I for some reason today was clumsy day once more... Thank god for Evi who saved me a couple of times! I wish I were less clumsy, but it is also kind of funny usually.

Now I want to go to bed and sleep... I am tired!

I came across this song yesterday, and I never really realized how much I liked this song, so ENJOY! I think it is an old song, but it's breath (2AM)


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