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Monday, 23 September 2013

Making pesto!!

Dear all,

I found time to make pesto today! I didn't have a lot of homework for tomorrow, so told my mum I would make the pesto. I did another photo-thing of the pesto-making process. So go check it out!

All the ingredients are ready! Well, apart from the parmesan cheese which was still in the fridge I believe. So I have nine bags of basil, each contain 50 grams, I have a lot of pine nuts (don't worry, I didn't use all of the ones in the box). There is also some olive oil, I actually ran out of that so I had to use sunflower oil. If you want to make pesto, make sure to have a lot of oil ready because you can never know how much you need or how much you want to add. There is also some garlic, we didn't have a lot in the house so I had to just use what was left. 

Hello blender! I have never really used this thing, in fact, the first time I made pesto, I was in London with my aunt. That is less than two months ago, and my aunt doesn't own a blender so I used a sick blender. That works just fine, unless you make a lot of pesto like I was doing today. I didn't use a recipe, I just did what my aunt taught me to do. 
So, I removed the skin from the garlic and cut it into smaller pieces, time to put the basil in the blender together with the garlic. 

Basil is in the blender now! Let's blend away! 

And this is what one bag of basil in the blender looks like. After this I added all the other bags in as well, one by one because otherwise the blender wouldn't work. 
I find 9 bags of fresh basil in a blender look kind of disgusting, but the smell was just so good!!! 
Now it's time to chop the pinenuts! 

I added three times this amount, in order to make them visible in this gigantic amount of pesto....

Don't you think that looks good? I am not using the blender to make the pinenuts smaller, I like the texture you get when you just leave them the way they are in the picture above. 

CHEEESSEEEE!!! (little over excited...) My mom helped me with the cheese as my arm is not capable of using cheese grater for a long time. Thanks mom! 

This is the final product! I put them into two separate boxes with a layer of oil on top to keep it good for a long time. 

Right, enough with the cooking for tonight! I am now going to clean my room... It is a mess... 
Oh, and my exam today sucked, it was really hard so I think I failed.... 

Today's song!
There is this one song that has been stuck in my head all day. I drove my friends crazy with it.. It's called "class bourgeoisie" by Démira. 


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