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Saturday, 7 September 2013

Sweet Louise

Dear all,

I am writing this blog right know (haha, that was obvious) and I have no clue what to call it... So I hope that at the end of this blog, I will come up with a name... I decided that as my day today isn't to inspiring I might as well write a little bit more about friday as that was a short post.

So as I said, friday I went to a last-minute bbq. Well, they had decided it would be a bbq, but all of a sudden it started to rain. So, during our German class, we changed our mind and ended up with soup and tortilla chips with cheese and tomato's and salad with cucumber. Oh and some baguettes! We did some shopping with four, and bought all of the food we needed, after which two of us went home, and the other two went to take the food home. I was one of the two who went home.

After putting on some other clothes I went to the bbq and had a blast! Yes I said bbq! The thing is, when I got there, they said the weather was better so my friends brother went to get some meat to put on the bbq! We were with five girls so obviously there was a lot of chatting and crazy laughing going on. I am pretty sure this group of friends are my friends who laugh the most out of all my friends. I find them hilarious most of the time. In my economics class two of the girls are behind me and they laugh quite often, and actually I laugh almost every time they laugh. Not because I am constantly eavesdropping, but their laugh just makes me laugh, even when I don't have a clue what they are discussing.  Anyway, I will stop talking about them now, they are awesome, but a whole blog about them is kind of bizarre isn't it?

Right, now let's talk about today! I went to work this morning and worked really hard. Our boss was constantly walking around us and being very stressed... VERY ANNOYING! But he is the boss so you have to listen to him...

When I came home I smelled like herbs and I wanted to take a shower, but instead I decided to do some sports and thèn take a shower. So my game plan for the afternoon was set and so it would be preceded. After my workout I finally took a shower after which I started my homework! Now I am on the couch after a lovely pasta with Camembert watching a movie with mum and dad! The kimg's speech!

I came across this lovely song today which I would love to share with you. It is by the The belle Brigade and it's called Sweet Louise! I found it a cheerfull song to listen to and it made me want to dance around my room (which I did... *awkwardly as I am not a dancing type).



P.S. The title still hasn't popped up so... 

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