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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pesto, no pesto

Dear all,

I ran out of time today, so no pesto today. I have an important test tomorrow, so I have to study instead of cook. I would've loved to do it though...

Today, as I told you, my parents were out all day, so I spent my day all alone in my room. Don't feel sorry for me, I love being home alone. Some good music, some tea, some homework, almost perfect.

Apart from doing some sports and taking a shower, I really did only study. There is nothing interesting to say today... I'm sorry.

Today's song, once again two Dutch musicians. One of them you have already heard. His name is Michael Prins (link to the post I mentioned him in, he made a duet with Maaike Ouboter, called a Fool's pride, it is a gorgeous song. There are some dissonant sounds in it, which makes it even more interesting. I love it.



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