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Friday, 20 September 2013

Good Old days!

Dear all, 

Every morning, I wake up, and a song pops in my head, straight away. Sometimes because it's on the radio which is also my alarm, sometimes just because it does. I sing the song all day, on my bike, at school (awkward when people notice), in class, in my head, at home, in the shower, everywhere. Then, when I go to bed, while I fall asleep, the last notes of the songs fade away. The next morning, I wake up, and a song pops in my head, straight away. And so on...

Today, that song was Good ol' days, by The Script, which is my favorite band. One of my friends all of a sudden said, "Simone, what are you singing???", yeah, uhm good old days, by the Script. The Script is not really famous or well known among my friends. I know one guy who likes the music, but that's pretty much it.

Anyway, enough with the music! I went to McDonalds today, with my PARENTSSS!!! Awesome! (We never do that, so I was really excited, like a kid on Christmas) It was fun!

What else did I do today? Do you guys ever have this? You walk around or you talk about your day and nothing seems to have happened... I have this quiet often, especially since I started blogging. By the way, I started over two months ago, and I have over 1500 views! That is so amazing! Thank you to all the people who read this blog, to all the people who follow me on bloglovin', who want to follow me on my twitter(I have made one for my blog, because it doesn't make sense for you to follow me on my Dutch twitter. I will try to get that Twitter page on the blog soon.

I remember(see I talked about other stuff and it just popped into my head) what I did today! I went shopping with mum! I bought myself a cardigan, a blue, knit, soft cardigan. I have an obsession with cardigens... Wait, I am going to count them... Just a second. 11... That's okay, right? Girls usually love shoes and bags, I just adore cardigans.

After this whole thing about Good ol' days, what other song could there be in this post today? So here it is!



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