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Thursday, 19 September 2013

Seriously, AGAIN?

Dear all,

I really should stop talking about the rain.. But I went home, and it was raining AGAIN! So once again, my pants were sticky and wet... I really should stop talking about that... Otherwise I might as well call this the weather blog or something...

Speaking of blog titles, Did I ever explain why my blog is called a little big girls life? Don't think so, so I'll do that now. Some of you may find that obvious, if you know me. I am 1m 80cm tall, which means I am the tall kid, even in Holland I belong to the tallest girls. So a little big girls life is the first thing, there is also the fact that it says little... That is kind of weird... Yes, I am the youngest at home, I am one of the youngest in my family, that is the easy explanation, but there is also the fact that I feel little. I feel like a little kid, not like I am 5 years old, but because I don't know what's out there. I can have one of those moments where I freak out about everything that I have to do when I grow up, and that feeling, that makes me feel little. I am a tiny fish in the gigantic ocean. Don't worry, it's not a bad thing, it's just a part of me, nothing sad or scary! So now we have a little big girls life! Life and girl is obvious right? I am a girl, and this blog is all about my life!

Today I had Greek, which is one of the subjects I really have to push myself to do good... I only have two other classmates, and they are awesome, but they both are so good at Greek, I just feel like the (little ;)) kid who isn't good enough.. The worst part is, my teacher makes jokes like: "Simone doesn't know that, of course not.". And at first I didn't care, but now it is getting annoying, and the truth is, it makes me really insecure, which then makes me do worse, which makes him make more jokes. My classmates tease me too, but for some reason, they never put me down, like my teacher does. They just joke around, like we do all the time and that's fine, but my teacher...
Guys, if ever you notice someone isn't good/feels like he or she isn't at good something and he or she shows it to you, don't make jokes about them, it only makes it worse!

Today's song!!
We have a program on Dutch television, called the best singer/songwriter, and there is a song a guy wrote, and I really like it. This is the song, enjoy it and feel free to tel me what you think! His name is Michael Prins, and his song is called Close to you!



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