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Saturday, 28 September 2013

Party amongst the herbs

Dear all,
I can hear you thinking, where was the party? Yeah, amongst the herbs and peppers! There was a staffparty at my job so all of the workers, polish and Dutch, were invited and a lot came.

I woke up this morning, went to work and sealed the whole morning. It was a complete chaos when my friends and I arrived but the Polish people all just went back to their jobs and left us to fix everything. It took us a while, but eventually it all worked out!

When I came home, there was this delicious bread so I had lunch with my sister, dad and mum after which we went to Breda. My mum and sister to shop, my dad and I to fix my phone. My phone was having a lot of problems, but now it all works again. Except I lost all my settings and apps so I need to fix that...

Well, I then came home and got ready for the party! It was good fun eventhough I don't like parties like these usually but it was okay. Well, the Dutch people were not to keen on the music, it ended up being some kind of weird mixture between polish and dutch carnival music. Which is NOT my music and most of it I don't even know..


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