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Friday, 27 September 2013

Hello 10!

Dear all,

The song that just popped in my head is not a song you want to have stuck in your head... "Oops I did it again". It's not a bad song, but it just isn't, you know, it.

The reason that song just popped in my head is because I managed to score a ten out of ten in my German Idioms exam! YAY! I am really happy about it, didn't expect it to be a ten because it felt as if though I missed some words, but I did quiet well. As I got a ten, I received a present from my mum and dad, this time it was a thing to pick pasta up with. I have no clue what you call that in English, and I am not to sure what we call it in Dutch either...

Yesterday my new shoes came in the mail, I bought them Tuesday in the store but the ones they had there had different colors in one pair. So I'd walk around with one light and one dark shoe, which is weird, so the lady in the store ordered a new pair! I am really excited about the new shoes, apart from all stars, I haven't had new shoes in a long time so it was a nice thing to receive! I also bought a book from Erwin Mortier, it was only €5,- in the second hand bookshop plus I have a couple of book vouchers which I try to use on stuff I really want to have, so that's what I did! Now I am happy :D

What else... Oh, I cooked dinner tonight! We have a new "rule" at home, I have to cook every week at least once, so I know how to prepare a meal when I move out.. Funny thing is, I can cook, I just never really want to or do it... But today I made hamburgers on a ciabatta bread roll, with salad, cucumber and tomatoes. It tasted good! Day one of the cooking thing worked out well!

Today's song! 
Passenger, just because his music is so interesting, and his voice, I love it! This is the first song I heard from him, and I fell in love with it. So here it is, Let her go! Passenger!


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