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Monday, 30 September 2013

French fail didn't fail

 Dear all,

Today was/is not my day... I felt sort of mad at everyone and everything. I had to present in front of the class during French and I felt like I totally messed up, my teachers were mad at every class I was in, Today was a real blue monday! Or at least, I thought it was.

So, I had to to that presentation, which usually is totally fine with me. I don't mind presenting, in fact, I tend to like it. Except for today. I was so nervous, the words didn't come rolling out of my mouth like they usually do, even in French, but today it was like there were a million bumps on my tongue. The words just didn't come out smoothly :(. I was very upset and figured I would have a 6 or even lower. To me, that is a definite fail, but lucky me, I received an email from my teacher, which said she had given me an eight. I am very content with that and did most certainly not expect that. Well, let's be fair, I tend to say I did very bad if a test didn't live up to my expectations, and to be honest, fairly often, I end up doing just fine...

What else happened today? Nothing interesting really. I really have to study English now, I am not done but I really NEED to do good tomorrow, so wish me luck!

Oh a special message to my mum, who reads my blogs whenever she can't sleep. Mum, I love you, but you should go to sleep now! If I can't sleep yet because I need to study then you have to sleep. We can't have two very tired people. Love, your little kid.


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