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Sunday, 1 September 2013


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Dear all,

I'm sorry... I didn't post for two days... Bad... My only excuse is a weak and pointless one, I was babysitting   friday and saturday and when I came home, I was just not in the mood to blog. I guess I feel like this is my blog, so I can decide to not blog a day or two, but maybe that isn't fair to any of my active readers. Even though there is only one person who actually follows my blog on blogger, I know there are people out there who come back, because they have told me so.
A very dear friend of mine taught me the last couple of days that useless is a word to strong to use for a human being. I used it but he told me not to because no matter who you are or what you do, you can't be useless. I thought that was a nice thing to believe in, so I am just going to accept that he might be right.

So, I had to babysit Friday and Saturday evening. Same house, same kids. You have to know, I am really not into kids, I find them annoying and way to noisy, plus they ask stupid questions that I don't want to answer. About half a year ago the family where my dear sister would babysit needed someone, but my sister (who has moved out more than a year ago) wasn't able to do it, so I stepped in. The second I said I would do it, I was very very nervous, and (ask my friends and parents) I had no clue what to do. But in the end, it worked out quite well... And ever since that day I babysit quite regularly and enjoy it. Yes I enjoy it... I still don't want to have kids myself, but to spend the evening playing memory, putting kids to bed and then sitting on the couch either reading or watching telly, Or maybe do some homework is really not that bad.

To the gigantic pigeon just flying by my window so close: You scared the crap out of me buddy!

Right, I am now going to clean my room and then finish this blog post!

So, everything I had to do is now done, so time to finish this post!

Saturday I spent working in the morning, homework in the evening and babysitting in the evening, so the day was packed! I have to admit, I love those days where you have to get a lot of stuff done, you have to keep going. I hate those days sometimes when I am exhausted, but they tend to give me more energy than I use so that is a positive thing!

My friend Tamara sent me the pictures from our stay in London, so I made a collage out of it today, I am so happy to finally have all those pictures, I want to hold on to the memories... I miss London and my friends and of course my aunt and uncle and the cat. Sweet people!

During the upcoming week I will have my first oral exam in English on Thursday, have my idiom exam in German on Friday as well as some more babysitting on Friday night. I also will meet up with my partner for my final paper in Secondary School to talk about how we are going to make it all work. This final paper is a very important part of you secondary school diploma as it shows everything you have learned over the past 6 days so it is hard work but also a lot of fun!


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