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Sunday, 15 September 2013


Dear all,

Who knew, they actually taste good! Finally, I made bagels! It was an awesome process, and lucky you, I took pictures while I made them!

I am not the best photographer in the world, so don't expect bad ass pictures, they don't exist if I take them...
I didn't find this recipe on my own, but ever since I started blogging, I also started following other bloggers and I came across a really cool blog. It's called
A beautiful Mess and it has a lot of things like recipes, clothing, DIY and so on. This is the link to there website! So, I found a recipe on their website; everything bagels, click on it to see the recipe!

THIS is my version of that awesome recipe!

So, this is how our kitchen looked before I started creating the biggest mess on earth! Just kidding it wasn't that bad.. But as you know (if you read this: 50 random facts) I am really messy... Okay, time to get all the ingredients ready! 

Right, I got everything all on the surface now! Well, except for some of the equipment I used but that's not really interesting, is it? 

Okay, so as the recipe states, you add the yeast to the hot water and it gives this awesome mixture. You can't really see it, but there were so many bubbles going on, it just looked amazing!
 Mixing!!! Thank god for our mixer, I would not want to do this by hand... Plus, this is so much faster! It formed into a nice soft dough so fast, it was amazing!
 See, this is the dough! It was sort of sticky, but also very nice and elastic. It had to be left alone for one hour, which made time for me to go clean my room and have dinner! Using my time efficient, Something which barely ever happens. This is why blogging is so cool, I can remember what I did the other day...

After it rested for one hour, I put some flour on the surface so I could make the shapes I needed. And yes, I was being silly whilst doing that. Gotta be a kid sometimes right?

 There we go! The shapes are all ready and beautiful, time to let this rest for 10 minutes whilst I boil water, because the next step is..... Cooking the bagels!
 You see? They are in the water, boiling away! I think this was the best part about making the bagels, even though it's so easy, I have never boiled dough before, so it was a great thing to do!

 Sprinkle Sprinkle! The recipe wanted more than just poppy seeds, I just didn't find any other seeds than poppy seeds, so I only used them, but next time I might use different ones.
 Baking! Yes, apart from boiling them, the bagels also needed to be in the oven for a while! Oh, hello shoes! How do you like my shoes guys? They are not supposed to be in the picture and neither is the camera robe... Sorry about that..
The final stage! admiring the view! They are so nice! I am happy with the way they turned out, plus they taste good...
So thank you to A beautiful mess for this awesome recipe, go check out their blog, it is awesome!

Next to baking bagels, I also found time to finally go to the Jumbo Foodmarkt, which is a gigantic supermarket(compared to the usual Dutch supermarkets (the French are still bigger)), and I really wanted to see it! It had some amazing food, from all around the world so that was awesome to see. Plus, I am starting to get

Song? Eh, let's go with.... The script, I am yours! I love this song! And it's not a cover of the Jason Mraz song, it's totally different.


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