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50 random facts

This is a list of random facts about me. They are all true! Get to know me a little bit better! Have any questions? Just shoot! I will answer!
  1. Simone Alice Smink
  2. 17 years old
  3. Born in Gouda
  4. Lives in a town called Etten-Leur
  5. Has no pets except for a hedgehog in the garden
  6. Loves languages, especially English
  7. Has three best friends called Evi, Marisja and Christa
  8. Doesn't say Evi, Marisja or Christa to them very often
  9. Evi nicknamed her "Kleine" which is Dutch for little one
  10. Is actually 180 cm tall
  11. Loves to sing
  12. Favorite musicians are Ed Sheeran and the Script
  13. Has long blonde hair
  14. Has one sister who is 2,5 years older
  15. Has way to many interests 
  16. Spent her summer before her final year in London
  17. Has family living all across Europe 
  18. Wants to leave the Netherlands
  19. Never knows that to do
  20. Hates new things
  21. Was born on the 9th of June 1996 
  22. Adores reading in both English and Dutch
  23. spends way to much money on books
  24. Works in a herb nursery
  25. Enjoys philosophy and history
  26. Has an arm "handicap"
  27. Played hockey for about 8 years
  28. Was a goalkeeper in her hockey team for over a year due to her arm(which eventually caused her to stop playing) 
  29. Apart from her father the tallest out of the three people at home
  30. Used to have hamsters as pets all named Hammie because she couldn't come up with a better name
  31. Loves to write
  32. Winter is her favorite season
  33. Is not a very girly girl
  34. spends a lot of time on Youtube
  35. Loves Tea!
  36. Favorite colour used to be orange, now she doesn't have clue
  37. Has an English-British accent
  38. Took ballet classes for about a year but stopped because she didn't get along with the teacher 
  39. Loves classical music
  40. Is the worst at directions and always gets lost
  41. Watches movies more then once because she loves endings to much 
  42. Watches Revenge, The vampire diaries and Pretty little liars
  43. Loves waking up early and listen to the radio in the morning
  44. Can be very noisy
  45. Is very messy
  46. Can be very clumsy 
  47. Sort of collects rubber ducks 
  48. Used to use the word BANANA way to much
  49. wishes she had a cat 
  50. Can't come up with fact number 50


  1. Hi Simone,

    what a nice blog!

    Good night and greetings from 2 fellow 1,80m tall girls,

    Birdy and Bambi