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Monday, 16 September 2013

Lot's of water in the wrong place

Dear all,

Really quick post today, I don't have a lot of time...

So, today I was clumsy... I just wasted a whole mug of tea, and it ended up on my floor in my room. So I had to call my sister and my dad to help me clean up the mess. Bad BAD BAD! Not something you'd want to happen especially not when you have an obsession for tea and you have really big mugs. It looked like a swimming pool, on my laminate four.. :'(

And something else happened with water today, it rained, and I have two windows, one on the back side of the house and one to the roof garden so that's on a different side. ONe of the windows showed crazy rain, but through the other one you could only see sun and clouds! SO WEIRD!!!

Today's song is By Ben Howard, and it's called Only love. Do I need to explain it? This song is amazing



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