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Sunday, 8 September 2013

It's raining blueberries and stawberries!!!

Dear all,

That title doesn't make sense does it? At the end of this blog it will!

It is raining like crazy out here and the wind is also kind of strong. In fact, my window is closed but still slightly open, to let a bit of air in, and my curtain is seriously moving! I will close them when I go to bed, otherwise it'll be a very annoying thing in my bedroom!

This morning, I decided I really wanted to make bagels, because last night I found this awesome recipe on a blog that I love yesterday. Funny thing is, I don't even like cooking... But it looked really nice so I want to make them. But as always, my sundays are too short and I did not make any bagels... Better luck next time! No seriously, if I find time this week I will make them, otherwise it'll have to be on the next weekend!

I did do some homework which needed doing so that's good! I did some history which was kind of hard but I did get it done! YAY! French also needed a couple of minutes of attention so I did that as well even though I got bored.

I did eventually ask mum and dad if we were going to see some friends of ours who live in the next town. I have known these people for a very long time and when I was little I used to stay with them if mum and dad had a weekend away with dad's work. I remember one time in their gigantic garden there was this pile of branches and leaves, in which my sister and I would climb for ages and lay around. That is definitely one of my favorite childhood memories. I hadn't seen those friends for a very long time so I wanted to go and see them and mum and dad wanted to go as well so we spent the afternoon with them in the garden and we talked for ages! They gave me some blueberries, which is awesome because I really adore those! I am going to loveee my breakfast tomorrow!

Tonight my dad made a lovely dinner with fish, potato and some beans! Yum! For dessert we had icecream and strawberries! They were very tasty, those strawberries! :D

Today's song!
Mumford and sons! Whispers in the dark!! Wooeehooeee! I love Mumford and Sons! Tell me what you think of this jumpy and lovely song! The videoclip is also very cool, you should watch the video 4 times to see it completely!



P.S. The title made sense right? Rain because of the weather, blueberries because I got them and strawberries because I had them! :D

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