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Monday, 4 November 2013

I am back!

Dear all,

I didn't post for a while due to the fact that I had a very important test week. But I am back now! 

I went through my test week, but it didn't go as planned, I really wish it would have gone better but I guess I have only myself to blame for that. I took my last test this morning which means I AM BACK!

After my last test I went to Tilburg University with my friend, we had to do an interview with a professor in philosophy about our end of year piece. It was a very interesting interview, we talked for about three quarters of an hour which was awesome. We were nervous at first as the prof had sent us some information before hand which we felt slightly scared about. He didn't seem very nice but when we arrived he was a very nice man. Plus he had some really great idea's and answers. Interesting day!

The rain today has been terrible... It started yesterday, I got soaking wet in the evening when I went for a run. Every time I went outside today I have gotten soaking wet. Not cool. But hey, I had a lovely day and even finished my homework early so I could enjoy some free time and I could blog again! YAY! I missed that..

Sunday, I went to the Turkish bakery in our little town and got two of those amazing Turkish breads. They are so tasty! If you have never tried Turkish bread, try to find it somewhere you live, I believe the Turkish bread is one of the best bread kinds that exists! As well as the bread being awesome, it is also great to just wake up, cycle to the bakery and have breakfast. It wakes you up, which is what I needed!

Just a couple of days left until my friends and I go to London! I am so excited! I love that city so much, plus it's in my favorite country, and I get to see a good friend of mine. That is, if everything works out the way it should.

Today's song!
The music that helped me through my tests, Bon Iver, Towers


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