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Friday, 15 November 2013


Dear all,

I had another boring schoolday today... It was such a long day. Not in hours, it just felt long.

When I arrived at school my Dutch teacher came up to me and asked me whether I'd be willing to talk about a project I took part in for two years in front of the fourth year students. The project allows students across Europe to pretend they are the European Parliament. It is a magnificent project. Obviously I accepted the honour.

My last lesson was German. We have only 7 students in that class, al girls, friends mainly so I always enjoy myself. Our teacher is originally from German and he is very nice. He tries to help us in every way he can where as other teachers tend to stick to some kind of schedule. He however tries to make our German better and improve our marks by allowing us to tell him what we think we need more practise at and at which we don't. To me that is a brilliant teacher.

Coming home, my.sister and I decided to bake some kind of bread rolls with maple syrup and sugar. Also pecannuts and cinnemon where involved... It tased okay... I think it looks awesome though!

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