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Sunday, 10 November 2013

LONDON, family and friends

Dear all,

I spent my weekend doing awesome things, meeting lovely people and visit one of my favorite places in the world.
I had to wake up at 2 am in order to be at school at 2:30, which was really hard to do. It was worth it though, it just didn't feel like a natural thing to do. I had gone to bed at half past eight but I didn't close my eyes until 9.
Mum took me and Evi to school by car which was a really nice thing to do. Funny thing, when my mum was waiting for Evi and I to come out of the house, (I went in to pick Evi up), a police car pulled up behind her. Our car was standing on a parking spot, in the dark, lights and motor on, my mum behind the wheel. Apparently that was a reason to check what my mum was doing, so when Evi and I walked towards the car they asked us what we were doing outside this late. So Evi and I (obviously) very enthusiastic said: "We are going to London, mum is taking us to school, we will leave at 3 o'clock!" . The policemen smiled and let us move on. Our journey started quite exciting, but the actual travelling in the bus was horrible. However, once we had arrived at 9am we went towards Camden town to visit the market. We strolled around for hours and had some lovely crêpes and churros after which we decided it was time to move on.
Our next stop would be Greenwich, where I stayed over the summer. Luckily I had spent so much time in London over the past years that I knew how to use the underground. Quickly Greenwich was in sight and I was ready to meet my friend Patrick who happened to also be in London. He was my classmate over the summer and came back to study for about 5 more weeks. When I told him I would be in London, he told me he would be too so we decided to meet up.
My three other friends left us to explore Greenwich while we had a drink at a bar above the cinema. We talked for almost two hours until we had to meet my friends again because they were done. As we needed to be back at the bus parking place at half past 7 we decided to have dinner. I invited Patrick to tag along and he did. After a lovely dinner it was time to say goodbye and leave him behind. As much as I enjoyed seeing him it was also quite odd to meet him and have my friends with me. It is strange when two worlds you both love come together. It just feels weird, but also very nice.
When we arrived at the buses we learned that the drivers were late so we stood outside in the freezing cold. After they had finally arrived we could warm up in the bus and wait for the last students to arrive. Sadly, they never came so we had to leave without two teachers and three students. The students were stuck in  underground and were not able to reach us in time.
Looking back, I had the best day. I loved going back to Greenwich and London and meet my friend. I actually also ran into another classmate who was very surprised to see me in Greenwich. I guess it is kind of bizar...

I slept until 12 o'clock because I came home at 5am so I was exhausted. My sister and I were home alone so we went shopping for a couple of hours. When we came home it was time to prepare the house as our aunt (the one who lives in Greenwich) would be arriving at half past seven. I went to pick her up at the station and we had a lovely dinner together.

In the morning we went to the Turkish Baker which was lovely to do. The rest of the day we spent in Breda and in the evening we had a lovely dinner at an Indonesian restaurant with my parents who came home from their trip to France.



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