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Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Dear all!

Happy 100th post! In about 5 months, I posted 100 posts. I find that pretty cool!

I have to be fair though, I have not much to say. My schoolday was kind of boring. Nothing interesting happened really.

We started talking about Jane Austen now during English, my teacher is OBSESSED with it. She said she is not, but I am pretty sure she is. She wears T-shirts with I love Jane Austen on it. I mean, come on... I am pretty sure that is called an obsession. It's okay, I have some obsessions of my own. At least I know I have them.

My history teacher is from Belgium and she always talks about you, Dutch people and Us Belgium people. She draws a very clear line between the two countries, obviously. But today, she actually talked about how different we really are even though we speak the same language(almost). The Belgium people are a lot politer and have better manors, which I think is true, however, she said the Dutch are much more polite when it comes to demonstrations and the parliament. Apparently the Dutch seem to have demonstrations a lot less and have less violent demonstrations compared to the Belgium people. Isn't that the weirdest combination? Anyway, it was nice to have a chat with her and the whole class, as she usually tends to be strict and not so open. She is very kind though.

I have a new obsession, The sing-off. It's an american program with a-Capella singers, they are so cool! It's a competition where different groups compete. This song is by the third season winners, Penatonix. They are covering Royals by Lorde


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