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Thursday, 21 November 2013


Dear all,

I was nominated for a liebster award today! How cool is that?

Some of you may not know this, but one of the things to do when you start blogging is finding other blogs you like and be inspired by them. It gives you ideas for your own blog and it teaches you how strong and loving the blogging community really is. Today, I was shown once again how awesome it really is. This time it was the writer of the Nerd Allure blog who decided to nominate me for a liebster award. It's sort of a tag for bloggers with less than 100 followers. It also helps a lot to make your audience grow. Go check out her blog! It's cool! It's now my turn to nominate people, so I am keeping my eyes open for some awesome blogs! Let me know if you have found one or are one yourself!

Apart from that brilliant experience I also took my math exam today.... It wasn't as bad a last time but it certainly wasn't good enough. I wanted it to be better. I suppose all I can do now it wait for the results...

I have a fun weekend coming up! My parents are going away for the weekend (again ;)) which they deserve. My sister and I will be staying at home, but my aunt and uncle are going to stay with us for the weekend. It'll be a lot of fun I believe!

Today during my philosophy class my teacher asked us what a real person is. If someone has debrain stimulation to cure a disease which changes the way they were before character-wise, what is the real person? Is that the original one or the new one without the disease but with new characteristic things? I found it a fascinating question to which my classmates and I didn't have an answer.... I wonder what everyone else thinks, especially when they don't take philosophy classes.


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