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Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Dear all,

I finally, after almost four years of waiting, got a curtain for my wardrobe. And I had a really interesting interview today with a barrister which was awesome!

My dad redid my room when I was in second grade (I am in sixth now) and he made me a closet, a build in closet. Not a walk in, but it is still big and it looks really cool. It's part of my room which makes me happy. The thing is, my room is not a room with a straight roof, the sides are like the roof of a house so one part is lower than the other. So my wardrobe has the same shape as my room as it is built against two of the walls. Therefore, it is really had to make a door. I told my parents I was happy with a curtain but my dad wanted a door. Funny thing, it wouldn't be possible so I would get a curtain. It took them three years to figure that out, and then another year until we went to IKEA and got the curtain. Then my parents had to make it the right shape and sew it the right way. Now, I HAVE A CURTAIN! Finally I can have my bra's in my closet without people seeing it. Which makes me very happy. THANKS MOM AND DAD!

As well as that, I also went on an interview trip, with the same purpose the one on Monday had. This time we interviewed a barrister and she was really kind. It was a very interesting interview, it's funny how a philosopher and a barrister think so differently when you ask them the exact same questions. I mean, I expected that to happen, but that doesn't mean it didn't surprise me when I actually heard the answers. An advocate thinks from the idea of the law where as a philosopher tries to use all sorts of complex theories and definitions. Asking them the same questions, it makes the interviews alike but also very different.

Today's song
Wings by Birdy because it reflects me in some sort of way.


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