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Thursday, 14 November 2013

In sickness and in health

Dear all,

No I did not get married, nor did anyone propose to me. Thank god that didn't happen ;-). No it's more about the fact that I didn't blog because I didn't feel good.

The thing is, Tuesday I did not feel good at all, all I wanted was to sleep and wake up feeling fine again, but obviously that didn't happen. I woke up Wednesday feeling crappy so mum allowed me to stay at home. After a few hours of sleep and some hours just laying in bed I felt a lot better so I ended up studying for a bit and just living again. It always works to keep going I believe. Also the fact that I slept for a while helped. I am terrible when it comes to having a lack of sleep. For some reason I am not capable of losing to much sleep. It did get better since I became older, but still, it's never going to be the strongest part of me.
So why the title? Because I didn't blog for two days because I felt sick even though I said I'd blog as much as possible. It was possible to do so, still it didn't happen. I guess in sickness and in health didn't work out that well this time...

Basically all that happened today was, going to school, talking to friends and then returning back home... Obviously I learned stuff at school but I won't elaborate on that. It's certainly not interesting.

I had to watch this documentary on the word Slut, and I just hated it. The maker tries to see sex and women in a different way by claiming women can be whatever they want by insisting they are not really different. I always think, by making a doc like that, you are just proving that there really is a difference. It's not helping, it's making people aware it's there, not fixing it... I hated the doc so I stopped watching after an hour or so...

Saturday I will go out with my friend Marisja to have a drink and chat! I am looking forward to that, haven't seen her in a while...


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