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Monday, 11 November 2013


Dear all,

I was a test person today together with my classmates, meaning we had to put our hand in a bucket of water with ice cubes in it. I also received some good grades back and I have a cold...

As I said in the intro I had to stick my hand into a bucket of freezing cold water. Basically what we had to do was wait until it hurts and then stop. The guys tried to keep their hands in as long as possible in order to have the best time. Funny thing, the winner was actually a girl, after 6 minutes they told her to stop as they were scared that it would go wrong. After all, it was a fun thing to do, plus it's good to help your classmates out in a big important project they are doing.

Apart from that adventure, nothing to interesting happened today. I went to school and listened to my teachers... Nothing interesting really...
I did get some grades back which I am very pleased about. I didn't expect to do that well so it's always nice to receive something higher than what you figured you had.

I think I am developing a really nasty cold :( NOT COOL!

Well, that's all for today!



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