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Tuesday, 5 November 2013

I've got a car!!

Dear all,

You won't believe my day! I got some really good tests back, and a terrible one, plus I found my perfect car! 
As expected my math exam was terrible so I have to do a resit. The question is whether I will do better on this test or not. Luckily, one of my classmates is VERY good at, well, basically everything and I asked him to help me and he said yes. So, he will help me out and hopefully I will eventually do well in my tests.
I had another result I did not expect, I got an 6.8 in Ancient Greek, which to me, is really good! I got it for translation which is the part of Greek I have the most problems with. I hear you thinking, isn't that all you do? No, not just that, we also have to understand texts and answer questions about those texts. For some reason, I am very good at that part, unless I don't understand the Greek but usually you get to prepare the pieces so I always understand them. 

My parents have recently looked at all my old toys, and all my sisters toys and we came across some things we really didn't need anymore. So, my dad gave the old cars to one of his colleagues and I sold our old barbie house. Being 17 and 19, we really don't play with that anymore. But those cars... I took them out of the box and displayed them all at the table. We have quite a few of them... So I put one on the ground and then I realized, wait, you can make these cars move... Quickly I remembered what you had to do (just pull them backwards and after that, let go, they'll ride) and I had a blast. I finally found a car that fits me. Although my friend Christa did point out that my legs won't fit.. I guess she has a point. Time to find something else I guess.. Maybe start with actually having a license, that would help a lot. 

Today's song
Yesterday, this time by Lea Michele, who is one of my favorite singers in the world.

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