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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Back to school!

Dear all, 

I'd almost say, finally back to school. For some reason, I love that place, all my friends are there and it is safe. It doesn't really change so it's easy for me! (I don't like changes or new things...) Today we got to meet our "new" classmates and our mentor. Funny fact, everyone knows, well, everyone! Happens when you spent 6 years together.... We only have 3 classes of students left on my level and it used to be 4, so we all know each other by name.

We are all in our final year so they decided to take us to Skidome, which is a snowpark. You can snowboard and ski there. However, I ended up playing glow-in-the-dark minigolf... Yeah I know, bit lame... But it still was fun, we had a fun group of people, so we chatted and actually had a good time. Once we were finished, we decided to wait for the others to come back from their snowfun, but it took ages so after a while I got to go home. What I didn't tell you is that we came by bike! It is about half an hour each way which is a lot compared to my 7min I cycle to school... But the route is a lovely place to cycle so it was fun and might even be one of the best things of today. Evi and I decided we wanted to go and have a coffee in town so that's what we did. We have this kind of cafe in town and they sell Icecoffee which is Evi's favorite drink in our town. I had never had it untill today, which is a pitty because it is sooo gooodd!!! Very tasty! When I got home mum had made a lovely pasta and although it was way to much it was very tasty!

Currently watching hockey which may be my favorite sport in the world. Unfortunatly I can no longer play it due to an injury to my arm. The Dutch National team is playing and they are doing very well. Their match against Belarus is going very well! It's 7-0 for the Netherlands! :D