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Sunday, 11 August 2013

The last day with my favorite people

Dear all,
This blog needed internet in order to post it... Again, because I am in another room, the internet is not strong enough to post a blogpost. So this blog is about saturday 10 august but it was posted on sunday.

Today was my last full day and luckely I got to spend that day with Montse and Patrick during the day and in the evening with Patrick, my aunt and uncle and dad. It was a brilliant day but I felt sad to see everyone go.
Montse wanted to take us to Camden Market so that is where we went. I am glad she took me there because it was a lot of fun! It is a very touristic market but they sell a lot of great stuff like food and clothes, souvernirs and much more. Although Patrick said he had never been there, he actually had been there. We walked around for ages and I had a slice of really tasty pizza Montse had some kind of bread. Patrick wasn't hungry so he didn't have anything.. Later in the day I wanted to try bubble tea, although some people call it boba tea. It is a cold tea with bubbles/boba in it. I chose mango tea with original bubbles. The tea was delicious but the bubbles... They were some kind of gelatine and if you chew on them, they wouldn't be mashed. They went back to their original shape. Very strange things. I didn't like them anymore after about 10 balls.
We actually didn't go into London by train, we went in by boat. It was great fun, we were outside on the deck and stood up for the first five stops. Montse would sometimes move in order to stay up straight and Patrick wouldn't move at all, he had a brilliant balance where as I had to work really hard to stay up straight. One time I almost fell, I could just about hold on to Patrick. Clumsy me...
It was a brilliant thing to do and I had great fun!
At about 5:30pm we took the train back to Greenwich. Patrick and I said goodbye to Montse on the train in order to make it easy. It was really quick and that was a good thing I believe.
Patrick would come to my place at 7pm so he first went to his inn real quick. It is just down the road... :p Dad and I did some final shopping in the supermarket; I love elderflower cordial so we got some bottles.
Funny thing was, dad thought it was just a drink instead of cordial, so we took 3 bottles and dad then said: well, that is expensive! I went, really? I don't know what the usual price is... I said, you need just a tiny bit dad, and a lot of water. And he went: "oh it's cordial? It's cheap in that case!" I was relieved.
After Patrick had arrived we went into the garden to have a wonderfull bbq. Mum, if you read this, halumi cheese, it is sooo good! If you ever can try it, please do! I am not sure you like it, but I do!
We spent about two hours in the garden, eating and chatting. Patrick got along really well with my family so that was brilliant. They liked him too, as I was told. It is awesome if your family likes someone you are close to.
When it was dark and my aunt was being bitten alive we went inside. My aunt and I cleared the mess up with some help from dad, my uncle helped Patrick out with his trains because he didn't really understand what the guy at the till wanted him to do. I love my uncle, he is so helpfull and kind!
After some more chatting and Eaton mess it was time to say goodbye. Patrick said his goodbyes to my family and we then went downstairs with the two of us to say goodbye. I am really going to miss him, out of all the friends I made, he is the one I spent practically all my time with, so we became really close. You can imagine our goodbye.
It is so sad to see everyone go, to go yourself. I am excited to see my mum and sister and of course my best friends, on the other hand, I have my friend and family here too and I will miss them so much. They were the people who made this holiday the best one yet. I will never forget all of them nor this holiday.
A special thanks to mum and dad for allowing me to do this, I really loved it and had the best time.