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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Books, bikes and boxes

Dear all,
Never have I ever been on a boat on the Thames before. Now I have! It was so much fun, I can recommend it to you!

I was being lazy today but as soon as I got up I was very bussy. My aunt and I went into London by boat. This was a great experiance and my aunt was happy too!
We arrived at about 12:15 in London and we walked around for a bit. We went into the Britisch Museum since we came past it. Soon after we went into a massive bookshop which had books for me so I could study. I enjoyed myself and found a great book which will help me to pass my IELTS exam the best way I can.

We had lunch in the bookshop whilewe talked about a lot of things. It was a lot of fun! We then went to Oxford street and did some shopping after which we walked all the way back to Charing Cross station. My aunt bought a big box but it took her a while to descide which one she wanted. 
There was a bike thing going on in London so we had to find our way to Charing Cross trough all the tourists, cyclists and other people. But we did it!

For now,
Sleep well!