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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bittersweet day...

Dear all,

Today was great, as well as sad. I had to say goodbye to my friends and teachers... I hate goodbyes, but today's goodbyes were okay actually! 

First it was time for class with Thea! Yaya! We had the first part and just had an English lesson like always. After that Thea went to copy some things and we quickly wrote on the board: 

Dear Thea,

We are at the cafĂ© buba's. Please join us, don't be late! 

While Tamara and Montse went with the Russian guy to the cafe, Patrick and I went into Greenwich and bought some flowers. We then went to the cafe and sat there for a couple of minutes untill Thea came. She is quiting her job so we are her last class and she was sad to see us go I believe. She was very pleased with the drink and the card and presents we gave her. Yay! That was a brilliang way to end our journey! 

Patrick and I went to buy some wine for Fergal with whom we were meeting up at 5pm in a cafe to say goodbye. I then recieved a text from dad saying he had just arrived in Greenwich so I went to see him as soon as I could. Patrick came with me :D. 

When it was time we went back to school and had a lovely class from Ali, who I have grown to like. She was very honest to me about what I should do to improve my English. She said I was proficiency and Just had to find another school. She even showed me some stuff which is great! 

I then went to Thea again and said goodbye ans collected my report. It was so sweet! 

Because I missed dad I went home to see him and we went into town and I bought a crossword book! Yay! Oh and we had icecream. My favorite, salted caramel! 

My next job was getting home in order to try and find the present for Fergal and then run to the pub. Arriving there I played pool against Patrick! I failed. We also talked for a long time, lovely people! 

Next thing was going to dinner with my friends! I got a card from my friends and also a lovely book from Montse. Really sweet of them right? I will miss them like crazy! Jihye even wrote my name in Korean! The food was nice tooo!!! Took lots of pictures aswell! 

Coming home I skyped with mum and my sister, which was awesome! I miss them... 

Last thing I did was going to the vietnamese pop-up shop again to meet up with dad and my aunt and uncle. Yay! 

Now, I won't post this untill tomorrow because i have no internet now as I changed rooms in the house so my dad could sleep at the back...