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Saturday, 3 August 2013

Sunny rain

Dear all,

This title makes no sense at all. But yet it does. If you were in London today it will wake perfect sense to you. As for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, I'll explain it.

This morning when I woke up there was sun but after a little while I could suddenly hear thunder. When I heard it I thought, how awesome would it be if when the thunder starts the rain would come pouring down? That, my friends, is exactly what happened! I closed all the windows and enjoyed my bed for a bit longer. Yay!

It rained for a couple of hours from the moring onwards although there were some moments when the rain had stopped. I managed to use one of those moments to go to school. Lucky me! But after 12 o'clock it was so hot outside... It was all of a sudden summer! :O

At school we had some pretty serious conversations on subject matters such as the slaughtering which took place in London a while ago and soldiers who have a lot of problems when they return from the war. Interesting to hear what my classmates had to say about it, even though they are a bit older (apart from Patrick) they have a similar view to my view on things. It's amazing how well I have incorporated in the group although I am a lot younger compared to my classmates. They are just so kind, I feel at home!

I don't want to go back to the Netherlands! I never really loved my home town but now, being in London, I feel really stuck in that place. On the other hand, I will probably move out next year around this date and that scares me. You might know I am not the biggest hero with new things, but this particularry scares me because my home is changing which is so scary...

With the skills we went to a place called Discover Greenwich which is some kind of museum on the history of Greenwich. Very interesting but it was so hot in there, I felt unconfortable... We were supposed to make questions with the information we had to read. Although we were willing to do so, my team (Patrick, Laetizia and I) didn't really get the aim of the exercise. Fergal was just going: "make questions!!!". We did it eventually but the questions are noncense.

I have been going to the learning support for two days now in order to prepare for IELTS. I am in a class for a CAE exam but I will not take that exam so I am preparing for the IELTSexam during the supportclass. I am not in the IELTSclass because it's to easy so I just stay here... Which is just fine! :D I love it and the people are awesome!

I ended my day with a bit of shopping for postcars in Greenwich and sitting by the river at the cutty Sark. I went on my own and I had a great time!

Tomorrow I am going to meet up with my penfriend! YAY! I am looking forward to seeing her and her husband and daughter. She helped me with my English a lot when I was younger by correcting all my emails I'd write her. I loved it! Now we just email to keep eachother up-to-date.