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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The man with his dog

Dear all,

This title must sound strange, but after reading today's post it'll make perfect sense to you! Today was a good day, I enjoyed myself during class and understood my math which is always a very good thing!

When I was in fourth maybe third grade, I would always come across this man in the morning with a very cure dog. It would always be at the same time in the same spot. Now that I think about it, he was probably there when I was in first and second grade... In the beginning I would just see the man and laugh at his god, a grey small dog. I think it is a Fox terrier, I think the Wire Fow Terrier ones ( I had to look this up, I just wanted to give a good explanation). This man used to pass me when I was waiting for my friends at 8:00am. After a couple of years I started saying "Good Morning!" to him everyday, just like he said to me every morning. Then I had a different schedule at school so I could start later at some days and I would not see the man. He is, I think, in his sixties, and seems like a very kind man but apart from saying good morning to him every day I never spoke to him. I hadn't seen the man and his dog in a very long time and as I had gotten used to his presence when I go to school so I was sort of getting worried. Throughout the summer I didn't talk to him nor did I see him, but then today when I went to school early I saw him again. And it got to me, although I don't know this man, he always says hi and so do I. It makes my day, someone whom I don't know actually is kind enough to take a second and say something. Just because he can. It may sound silly but  that really means something to me.

Today I talked to the girl I hate most, I resent her so much it may or may not be unhealthy. I didn't want to talk to her and I don't think she wants to talk to me. But I did, and I am proud of myself and maybe she is not as bad as she really seems... Everyone deserves a chance, right?

In the afternoon I saw the man again, he was now on his bike, just like I was. I cycled home with a good friend of mine. We had enough to talk about for ages because since the summer holidays we hadn't really spoken one another.

In the evening I decided I wanted to be active, so I did some sports! :D I hate to start but once you are going, it feels awesome! I once saw this picture on Tumblr which really made me laugh because it is very accurate to how I feel... I posted here down below. It is not mine, but I like it!


My thoughts during a run

  1. Me: This sucks, can it end so I can love it already!?
  3. Me: Why am I doing this?
  4. Me: Don't look at the distance. DON'T LOOK AT THE DISTANCE
  5. Me: shit, I looked. TF, that was longer than .36 miles you liar!
  6. Me: Power song? Let's do this
  8. Me: Oh look, I burned off breakfast, yay!
  9. Me: Oh dear God this is the longest break between songs in the history of the life
  10. Me: I will smash you with a hammer if you fall out one more time earbud. Seriously.
  11. Me: Who glued cinder blocks to my feet?
  12. Me: This still sucks
  13. Me: I'm hungry
  14. *Finishes run*
  15. Me: Dude that was awesome!

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