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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Home bittersweet home

Dear all,
I am in my own bed, in my own room with my own stuff around me in my own house but it somehow feels wrong. I feel like I belong in London, which I don't but still.

Dad wanted to leave at 12ish so before we left my uncle took me for one last time around the park. They know which places are my favorite... We walked for about half an hour or so. My stuff was already packed and ready to go so once it was time it was easy to leave.
After our walk we had a drink and a Stroopwafel(dutch cookie). I gave my aunt an uncle the cards I wrote them last night and told them they could only be read when I had left. They seemed pleased.
Then the hard part came again, saying goodbye! WE hugged a couple of times and then dad started the car. We were of...
The traveling was just fine, the boat wasn't too bad and the trafficjams were okay. We arrived at 8:16pm after which I hugged my mum and sister and gave them all their presents. They seemed pleased!
Time for a long night sleep now..