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Friday, 23 August 2013


Dear all,
I woke up this morning and realised friday rolled around again! Finally! On friday I don't have to be at school untill 10:55 so I can be lazy all morning! Which I did... Obviously.
I had my first English lesson today and it was fine really. Nothing special, except for the fact our teacher actually spoke English which is not what she usually does. I think it's a good thing she does it though because half of us don't ever speak English...

German was also the first lesson with my six other classmates (all girls...) and our native German teacher. I took classes with him in 4th grade and thought he wasn't nice but today I enjoyed his class!
During Dutch we did poetryanalasys which is one of my favorite parts of Dutch. I enjoy it because I get to figure out what the writer has done instead of usual texts with questions.
Economics sucked because we didn't do anything apart from listening to my teacher. He doesn't swap between listening and working so his classes are long and boring.
In the afternoon I chatted with mum, used my laptop and worked out. I haven't done any sports for a while now but I enjoyed doing it again.
Now I am exhausted so I'll read for a little bit and afterwords I will fall asleep and wait for my alarm to tell me to get up for work...

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